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Rental Opportunities

Build your Business Beside Us


Opportunities Available
For Beauty Professionals 

Rooms for Rent

There are two rooms available for rent as of June 10th, 2024.  Ideal services for these rooms would be:

  • Lashes

  • Permanent Makeup

  • Sugaring

  • Botox & Fillers

  • Nails

  • Open to other ideas!

Room Details:  $650 month-to-month lease

  • Fresh paint

  • Temperature controls

  • Locks from inside and out

  • You can play your own music separate from the salon music.

Included Amenities with Room Rental

While the room is the perfect size for your services,

you don't have to feel alone. Our team culture warmly

welcomes like-minded professionals into our space

to collaborate, support and help one another grow!  

You have full access to:

  • Team Room to eat, use your computer, do marketing

  • Full size Washer & Dryer

  • Full size Refrigerator & Freezer

  • Filtered Water & Ice

  • Snacks for you and your Guests

  • Large 2 bay Stainless Steel Industrial size sink

  • Dumpster

  • Stocked Client Bathroom

  • Client waiting area near your room

Other Bonus Opportunities:

  • 40% off Evolve by Tara & Co. Hair & Hair Products

  • Business Coaching and Marketing Planning

  • Built-in clientele leads from your team members

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The Cove

The Cove is a special area tucked in the center of the salon.  It feels very private but not secluded. You can feel the vibe of the salon from the cozy cove.


The ideal services for this space would be:

  • Lashes (if you wanted a more open air concept)

  • Scalp Facials

  • Nails

  • Open to other ideas!

Cove Details:  $500 month to month

  • Fresh paint

  • Decorated for you & help with planning the layout of the area.

  • Shared music with the salon

  • Quiet and relaxing but you feel like you are part of the salon atmosphere

  • High Visibility, People coming from bathroom or the wash stations see your services, creating awareness and building a clientele.

Other Bonus Opportunities:

  • 50% off Evolve by Tara hair products

  • Business Coaching and Marketing Planning

  • Built in clientele leads  from your team members

Let's hear from Taylor

Her experience with Evolve by Tara & Co

There is no other way to put this. I hit the dream career jackpot.


From the moment I made the decision to go to Cosmetology school Tara has guided me, given me advice, helped me to see my potential and the potential in this industry. 

I have received more guidance and encouragement than I could have dreamt possible.


In 9 short months after I graduated and passed all state testing, I have:


❤ Became fully licensed to own and operate my own business.

❤ Planned and saved and pay my taxes

❤ Created my dream work schedule

❤ Learned Extensions and now take extension clients with confidence

❤ Doubled my monthly income while working ONLY 3 days a week (instead of full time at my old job)

❤ Confidence in formulating color 

❤ Cut my service timing in half working smarter not harder! 

❤ Learned SO MUCH about Marketing and what it means to build your business effortlessly.

❤ Retained guests at 97%, and I am 8 weeks booked out


I have felt supported, guided and coached through every step.  Tara has a way of coaching that makes you feel empowered.  I never felt pressured to work outside my schedule or do services I was not comfortable with doing. If ever I have a question she has always been there for me! 

Tara pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the best way possible to show me my full potential.  


It was one of the best decisions I have ever made to trust Tara's coaching in both technical and business matters.  All that to say this… it's not easy to trust 100% of the time, but Tara has always come through.  You have to trust the process and to be led by someone who walks that walk and talks the talk makes it way easier!  She has the biggest heart and leads in a way you just want to follow, she is quick to listen and always takes responsibility in solving any challenges.  I am SO excited to build and grow in this industry and feel so blessed to be growing my business inside a well Branded salon with true leadership! 


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Let's hear from Melissa

Her experience with Evolve by Tara & Co

Being a Brand Partner you get the best of everything, it is truly an elevated salon experience.


I was looking to expand my skills, and I ran across Tara online, she was offering an extension class and I signed up! 
I loved what I learned and was excited to get started!  Once I got back to my commission salon I found my clients weren't really excited about extensions, I took a few models but my extension clientele didn’t grow as fast as I would have liked.
A few months later some salon restrictions had me thinking I was ready to make a move to another salon.  I had been talking to Tara here and there since the class about marketing and the models so I asked her if she was hiring, she said YES! 

Once I made the switch from commission to Brand Partner Tara coached me on how to get all the  licensing and insurance I needed to start my own business.  Leaving my commission salon was a little scary,  about 30 people followed me to the new salon in total.  Some booked right away, others later.  Tara was reassuring and helped me by booking her client base with me and trusted me to care for her clients.  As a team we worked together  to grow my books and attract my perfect clients with social media marketing.  My client base grew, and in no time I was fully booked with 75% extension clients. 

It was a little scary leaving the commission salon I was at for 3 years, but I really wanted the challenge and joined Evolve by Tara & Co. trusting it would work out, and it has! 

Fun fact, I was the Co for a year and now we have Taylor, Kathleen and Lyrica! 

I have felt supported and challenged by Tara as a coach and mentor to grow as a stylist and a person. Being a business owner and a stylist growing your business can be overwhelming but the guidance and support from Tara has been a huge help in solving any problems that come up.
Since joining the team my income has tripled all while having all the freedoms I have always wanted. I run my own schedule, dress how I want, take the services and clients I want, take vacations and time off as I need it. I enjoy having  the creative freedom to use the color line I want to use and Tara is always interested in new services and learning new things so it is a fun collaboration!  

I have never regretted making the move, with our salon systems you are set up to be successful! 

- Melissa
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