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It's your hair

 only better


We are your Beauty Team!

We are a team of beauty professionals, passionate about providing solutions to your every day beauty problems!

Our team here at Evolve by Tara & Co. promise to make you feel confident and cared for. We want you to wake up every morning feeling your absolute best!


We specialize in

  • Hair Extensions and Hair loss solutions

  • Healthy Highlights & Blonding

  • Fine Hair

  • Lash Extensions

  • Brow Tinting

  • Brow Lamination

  • Microblading (Permanent Brow Tattooing)

  • MORE to come!


 Your experience in our salon is our highest priority! We strive to create an atmosphere that allows you to redefine, restore and refresh. So you can wake up confident and ready to be the best version of you!  

Have you ever said........

I could never have long beachy, thick hair like that!


I have never been able to style my hair the way I want!


I want effortless fuller lashes!

What if I woke up with

perfect eyebrows?


These are problems we solve!

We see women every day

who had no idea

how life changing these services could be for them!

Are you ready for this kind of experience? 

Let's get started!

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