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Do extensions help your hair grow faster?

Yes! When extensions are properly installed by a skilled professional and are maintained at home, you can grow longer hair faster. This is because hair extensions help to protect your natural hair from damage which keeps your hair healthy and allows it to grow. However it does take a bit more than just growing your hair. Not only do you need an extension specialist who is skilled in the specific extension method, but you must also use the right hair care products that are best suited for your hair type and extensions.

So why do extensions work to protect our hair and help it to grow? Extensions look amazing styled on their own and when they are seamlessly integrated into your own hair, it means less styling of your actual hair is needed. And we all know that less heat and less stress on our hair is always a good thing! When you invest in good quality hair and follow the hair care instructions your stylist provides to you, you will be shocked to see how healthy your hair begins to look and feel.

Extensions are an investment and can truly change someone's entire look. Not only do they immediately give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of, but they promote healthy growth of your natural hair.

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