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How long do hand tied hair extensions last?

Having long, luscious hair no longer takes years to get. With hand tied hair extensions, you can have your dream hair in a matter of hours. How long does this dream hair last? With proper care, hand tied extensions can last 9 months to a year!

After your installation appointment, you will want to visit your stylist every 6-12 weeks based on how they have been placed to move up your extensions. Following your stylists after care instructions will help preserve your extensions and you will avoid needing to purchase new hair prematurely. Follow these tips below to help keep your extensions looking healthy and new for as long as possible!

Evolve by Tara products are meant to be used on extensions.
Use high quality products for your luxury extensions

Use high quality products

Extensions are meant to enhance your own hair and make it look and feel BETTER. This means you should treat the extensions like they are your own hair. Shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant, etc all matter. Your stylist should provide you with all the tools you need to maintain your extensions. Products truly do make a difference!

It matters how you wash your extensions

You want to make sure to brush your hair before you shower and try to scrub your scalp in between the rows. Work the shampoo softly through the ends and rinse very well. Focus on lifting your rows up and rinsing all around your hairline. Find a conditioner that is made for extensions and condition your mids to ends. If you use purple shampoo, do it while your conditioner sits on your mids to ends. Rinse it all out well. Having a shower routine will really help maintain your beautiful extensions!

Sleeping in wet hair is a NO NO

Always make sure to dry your extensions (especially near your roots) completely before going to bed. You will want to brush and oil your extensions every day. Lastly, we recommend putting your hair in a loose, high bun at night to avoid any tangeling or matting.

Keep living your long, luscious hair dreams, beauties!

Great extension hair will last, it wont bunch or get tangled. It's not just getting extensions, it's investing in great hair and products!

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