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How to go gray naturally!

Gray Blending! NOT covering up! We use your natural base to create a dimensional color with or without extensions!

This way there is no UGLY stripping of your old hair color or frying your hair off to get to the gray you want!

We work with your color to give you healthy-beautiful hair. It is insane that anyone should hate their hair while growing it out and embracing their natural gray. With so many options and coloring techniques we think out side the box and custom color to enhance your natural base including the gray.

Here is an example of someone with black hair with bright white gray coming in, we added tiny black babylights to even out the color and added two rows of extensions to create a gorgeous head of hair!

This second example is extension free! We added warm babylights to her white gray and a full foil to even out her over all color to this gorgeous natural warm-honey fall look!

Every head is different! So we use multiple techniques to get to the final look! If you are tired of the "grow out line" and want a more youthful look, BOOK with us for your custom gray blending experience.

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