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Hair Extensions are a Fortune!

Or are they? ?

You might cringe at the thought of buying a new head of hair OR not think about them at all because there is no way to afford them, but that is no longer true!

We customize literally everything here at the salon, including how you pay for your hair extensions.

Here are just some of the ways we make getting extensions easy!

* Vagaro Pay later is our payment plan so you can split your payments up.

* We can create two invoices so you pay half at your consultation and half at your install.

* You can update a few wefts every few months so you are always rotating in new hair for that updated pop!

* Do one row, and add another in 6 months.

*Alternate your highlights with just a toner, to stay bright and have that lived in root every few months.

We are obsessed with extensions and we make it so easy to get your dream hair!

Book a consultation to find out how hair extensions can fit seamlessly in to your life!

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