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Hair Extension & Hair Loss Solutions

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Hand Tied Hair

Why we use Evolve byTara  Hair

Fine hair is special and it needs special attention!

Hand tied hair moves, hangs and mimics fine hair. 

You will never feel or look like you have a wig with hand tied hair. It is the most versatile for color as well, they are individual pieces that can be customized to fit everyone!

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Beaded Row Extensions

Beaded row extensions are the fastest

to install and have a proven record of safety when wearing them full time

for long periods of time. 


Our application technique of Beaded Rows has been around the longest!

Newer techniques come up all the time,

however, women have worn this technique  for over 50 years with proven hair growth success!   


The average time to install:  1-2 hours

Wear time:  8-12  weeks

1 Row install price:  $136 - $218

2 Row install price:  $272 - $325

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Evolved Hidden Bead

The newest way to install hair extensions safely. This method was born from the need to hide the bead for special occasions.


 It's also the most comfortable

install if you have a sensitive head. 


The average time to install:  3 hours

Wear time:  6-8 weeks

1 Row install price:  $250

2 Row install price:  $300-$350


Halo's & Clip-in's

Do you have fine hair and are interested in Halo's or Clip-in's? We are here to answer all your questions?

We customize your halo to match your density (so it doesn't feel like a wig) and we can cut your clip-in's and show you exactly how to wear them undetected.

We also custom order these at the salon!

Book a consultation if you are interested! 

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Crown Extensions

Do you have thin hair on top and could use some extra volume? This is an exciting addition to our menu! These extensions are added to your beaded rows and can be worn 4-6 weeks.

If you are interested, please book a consultation!

If you have questions about Crown Extensions this video was made interviewing a guest who wore them for 6 months and she answers lots of common questions about them! 

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