Custom Hand tied Extensions

I believe hair extensions are an affordable luxury.


Just like a designer handbag, apple watch or diamond earrings, hair extensions make you feel put together.  For some however, they are an important luxury that changes their life.  I am one of those people.

Evolve by Tara... Hi, I am Tara and I have evolved my confidence through hair extensions and hair care, it changed the way I look and feel about myself. Fine hair has been my struggle, never getting the style I wanted because products always weighed down my hair, the opposite of what I needed. I could never get the volume or curls I wanted because I just didn't have enough hair. 

In cosmetology school I learned something that changed my life.  I was born with this hair. No vitamin, scalp scrub or miracle product could change my hair cycle and how my body grew hair.  I became obsessed with  hair extensions learning all there was to know, and finally crafted my signature style to help you get the hair of your dreams. 



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My before & After

How it works


Step one Consultation (30 min)

Book a consultation, we will go over your hair goals, and answer some important questions to answer "How much?"


Questions such as:

  • What do we need to do to your hair? Color? Cut?

  • What color do the extensions need to be?

  • What length? Will we need to color them?

  • How many rows will you need to achieve your goals and match your lifestyle?

Once we have the details we will order your hair. 

  • Hair generally costs between $500 to $900 and lasts 9 months to a year.

  • It takes two weeks to receive the hair. 

Before you leave your consultation we will schedule your installation appointment. 


Step two Installation and Color (3-4 hours)

TODAY IS THE DAY! We will install your hair and do any color services needed to custom blend your hair with the extension hair. This appointment will be 3-4 hours long.

Initial Installation is cost per row plus costs of coloring services. 


1 Row........................................$150

2 Rows......................................$250

3 Rows......................................$350


Step three Maintenance (2-3 hours)

Maintenance appointments are required to keep your natural hair healthy and growing.  You will need to come in every 6-10 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows, and how many rows you have. At these appointments I remove everything, color your hair if needed and put it all back in.  

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