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Hair Services

Baby Blonde

Book every 2-4 months

Book every 3-4 months

Full Highlight

Book every 6-8 weeks

3.5+ Hours

This is for my beauties that when people look at you... you are a BLONDE. Foils are placed - not only around your face and hairline - but throughout the whole head. So even when you pull your hair up in a pony, you are blonde! This can be any shade, with-or-without subtle dimension. Includes a gloss and health trim.

Bright Blonde AKA "Bronde"

Low maintenance blonding that focuses on brightening around your face and hair line. Very dimensional with your natural hair color as your base. This look is full of contrast and great if you do not want to commit to being blonde but just want to add some brightness. Includes a gloss or toner and health trim.

Low maintenance mini foil to refresh and add brightness. Foil placement can be tailored to your specific wants and needs. Includes a gloss or toner and health trim. 

1.5+ Hours


2.5+ Hours



Platinum Blonde

Book every 4-6 weeks

3+ Hours


This look is for someone wanting an all over, completely blonde look. This would include white blonde, gray blonde or any other version of non-dimensional blonde. This is truly a SOLID blonde. Includes a gloss, bonding treatment and health trim.

Book every 6-8 weeks

An all over color is the perfect option if you are looking to change your natural hair and/or extension hair. Changing your color requires up to 3 color formulations to get one solid color and we will figure out what your perfect color is during your consultation.

Hand Tied Extensions

*Our Speciality

1.5 Hours+

500+ Volume Session

All Over Color

2+ Hours


We install hand tied hair wefts made from human hair using the beaded row method. Hand tied hair moves, hangs and matches fine hair and is the most versatile for color as well because the individual wefts can be customized to fit everyone. 

*All new extension clients must book a consultation*

1000+ Volume Length Session 


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