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Hair Extension Classes 2023



We are so excited to be in our NEW LOCATION!

This space lets us expand our classes!


January 30th 2023 will be our first class in our new location!



Adding a luxury service to our business 
requires a business plan
I watched as hairstylists took classes all around the country, always excited, but never getting to that "next level."  They return to the salon overwhelmed and without an actionable plan. The questions take over, overwhelm sets in and it paralyzes them. I get it! I too, quickly realized there are details and questions that come up when launching hair extensions that I never saw coming!  I realized the classes I took only addressed how to apply the hair to the head, not how to grow your business! 
NOT TO WORRY! I have done the research and documented what helped me grow so quickly and I have it to share! 

I have a proven step-by-step system that has doubled my income and allowed me to make more - while working less. No weekends, a schedule I love, my dream clients and a work/life balance all while creating a beautiful income for my family. The result? I LOVE MY CAREER. During 2020, I worked 9 out of the 12 months and still beat last years numbers! Having a business plan WORKS!

Let’s Change Lives!

615 S 1st Street, Mount Vernon WA 98273

Text: 425-387-5302

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